A wide range of services covering all your research needs

Customer & employee experience

We support companies in making CX/EX market research insightful. We clarify the symbiosis between transactional and relationship measurements. We also guide you through the labyrinth of KPI’s (Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Score (CES), Customer Satisfaction (Csat), Trust,…). And we support you to finding the optimum between physical and digital customer service. This way, we are covering all your research needs! The CX/EX journey may be complex, we have the experience to guide you!

  • Touchpoint surveys
  • Instant feedback tools
  • Mystery visits
  • Churn surveys
  • Relationships surveys
  • Needs & expectations
  • Design sprint
  • Growth hacking
  • Classic concept test
  • Price sensitivity measure
  • Volume forecasting
  • Advanced conjoint

Innovation research

Innovation – or ‘the eagerness to continuously improve’ – is the first of the 2 toolkits to keep your customers delighted over time. Companies innovate to keep up with customer needs and wants, even trying to be ahead. Innovation has many flavors: not just prototype testing of new products & services but also innovating your customer journeys. DataSynergy offers “in the process” market research support in your agile design sprints, tactical innovation research like concept testing and UX testing and more strategic, in-depth innovation research like conjoint research or qualitative needs research.

Brand & communication research

Your brand and your marketing communication are the seductive wrapping around your offer that will connect you with your target audience. Branding and communication are the second toolkit to leverage customer experience. A good relationship starts with effective communication. Customer journeys are flat and grey if you fail to spice them up with attractive branding and creative communication. DataSynergy offers you “in the process” pretesting of communication, tactical communication research like post-testing and implicit research as well as strategic research of your brand image or your corporate reputation or CSR & sustainability programs.

  • Pretest sprints
  • UX/UI testing
  • Posttesting
  • Implicit research
  • Brand image
  • CSR/reputation