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DataSynergy offers high-quality qualitative and quantitative market research. And we go beyond this ‘conversational research’. We believe that stories are data with a soul. We combine qualitative and quantitative studies with other ‘raw’ data sources, like desk research, observational research and database research. With these creative combinations, we find the most comprehensive answers to your marketing questions in 3 areas of expertise: customer experience, innovation and brand & communication.

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Customer & employee experience

CX and EX are the core of a customer-centric strategy and are undeniably linked. You obviously want to catch the upward spiral: engaged employees will lead to happy customers, which in turn will motivate your staff.

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Innovation research

Innovation – or ‘the eagerness to continuously improve’ – is the first toolkit to keep your customers delighted over time. Companies innovate to keep up with customer needs and wants, even trying to be ahead. Market research can support this process.

Brand & communication research

Branding and communication are a second toolkit to leverage customer experience. Customer journeys are flat and grey if you fail to spice them up with creative brand communication. Market research can improve the ROI of brand and communication initiatives.

Need an answer on your specific marketing question?

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Storytellers rooted in research

In the speed of today’s business life, presentations need to be to-the-point, clear and focused. Our market researchers are trained and experienced in bringing data to life in reports built according to scientifically proven storytelling techniques. And remember: stories are data with a soul.

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Joined forces

We are a marketplace which builds custom research designs from specialty solutions. We join forces  to upgrade our qualitative and quantitative research to the best research design to answer your marketing question.

Value for money

We want to offer the best quality for the right price to our clients. Pricing in market research is all about making the right assumptions, so we are fully transparent about our pricing parameters to make sure we can offer you a price that fits your research budget.